Seth Godin found and named “The Dip”.
He reminded us “Being the Best in the world is seriously underestimated “.
He demonstrated that the mass market is dying and that if you are not the best in the world, you just shouldn’t bother.
He also indicated we should all find our Micro world and become its leader. Cause this is the way champions think like. 

E branding is all about being the best.
Our E world is filled with endless possibilities and numerous platforms & websites.
Meaning you just have to become the best in the world. Nothing else would do.

Your E brand equity has to establish your “best in the world” value or you won’t stay in the Web arena for long.No place for losers here.
Even The Long Tail is made out of winners.
Each micro market creates its own tiny arena you should excel at.
Just make sure you find the best arena for you.  

Internet Biz Dev is a huge maze.
You need to know when to give up and when to hold on to your dream.
Otherwise, you would waste all your energy trying to figure out this endless maze.

Seth Godin calls it “Dead End” & “The Dip”. But we all mean the same. 

We all know Apple hardware is working with Windows cause it faced a “Dead End” and decided to jump into Microsoft’s “Dip”.
Apple is trying to create a Dip with its ITunes and IPhone platforms , and Microsoft has created an impossible Dip for PC platforms.

We can feel The Dip everywhere but how could we use it ?
When should we stick with “The Dip”?
When should we figure out we’re facing a “Dead End” and quit ?

I suggest using E Brand Equity.
Check your brand’s intangible values. Or better yet, write all values and delete all utility values.
Do you have “leading” , “cutting edge” or “best at” as one of your values?
Is it possible you’ll gain such values in the near future?

If your answer is “No”, it’s a Dead End.
Quit and start building your new brand. This time, don’t forget to include “best” as one of its Brand Equity values.

Your new Brand Equity values will position you as Champions in no time.